Our guarantee is simple. If you do not get your funds in 3 business days or less, we will give you an additional 20% from our proceeds.

Here is an example. In most of our sales, the commission rate is from 30-40%, but we will use 35% in this example. Let’s say the total revenue was $10,000 our portion would be $3,500. If we take longer than 3 business days, the client would get an extra $700.

The only exceptions would be some kind of natural diaster or legal declaration that would not allow us in the area or if Jerry and Sandra both get hospitalized at the same time. If you want the check mailed to you, it will be postmarked in 3 business days or less. We prefer to leave the check at the estate where the sale was conducted. If we go to leave the check within the 3 days and are unable to access the estate, the guarantee is void.

Call us today at 210-664-5050 to see if we would be a good fit for you.

Some of our other differences from most or all estate sale companies in the area are as follows:
1. We use barcoding to scan all items for more detailed client reports.
2. We can sell your stuff online at the same time with real time inventory.
3. We can track individual family members items if needed. For example, if a family member decides to add some stuff to the sale.

We are licensed, bonded and insured. Jerry is an experienced liquidator who has been quoted in many major publications such as USA Today and was featured in a Wall Street Journal article.

Core Values
1.Integrity- Doing what we know is right especially when no one is watching.
2.Excellence- Performing to the best of our ability at all times.
3.Commitment- Dedicated to the client at hand.
4.Compassion- Respect the client and family in a time of need

Here is a review from one of our customers:

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“I recently went to an estate sale by San Antonio Estate Sales LLC and loved it! The people who were working it were professional and eager to help me. Not only this, but the items at the sale were quality items, such as a Keurig and tool supplies. I also loved their set up-it didn’t feel cluttered when I walked in, and it was easy to navigate. They also had barcodes on their items for quick and efficient check outs. Overall, Sandra and Jerry’s estate sale was amazing!! I highly recommend using them for estate sales or going to one of their’s!”

Sarah A