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How We Select Clients

For every sale we get, we turn down several. We have felt sorry for some clients in their situations and have given them a rate lower than we should have. In almost every case, these have been the most difficult clients to work with and ungrateful for what we did.  We will not do this in the future.

Here are the things we look for:

  1. Is the client going to be easy to work with? Some do change over time.
  2. What shape is the house? Is it one big mess or is it somewhat organized? Is there a bad smell to the house or safety hazards?
  3. Is it a good area to do a sale? There needs to be plenty of parking.
  4. How hard is it going to be to sell the items? Every week 20-30 plus sales in the San Antonio area with many of the same things in them. Furniture is a big hit and miss unless very unusual. I have seen items that are 1 step to the trash can sell and much nicer items go unsold. Many collectibles are worth far less than 20 years ago.
  5. How much does the client expect the sale to generate? If the client is looking at listed prices on eBay, that is a poor indicator of what the item will sell for in most cases.

In summary, when a client calls us, we are interviewing them also. We may not want to do the sale based on the above factors.

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