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What Type of Estate Sale is Best for You?

There are benefits to both and you can even have a hybrid sale which is an online sale followed by a 1-2 day in-house sale. Let us start with the in house estate sale.

You will have people who visit the sale who make impulse purchases besides the stuff they came to see. Some shoppers like to see and touch the items before buying. The disadvantages are having lots of people in your home.

Online sales will avoid your home being shopped, except perhaps by the people who have purchased online. Depending on the contents, the sale may be better or worst than a traditional sale. An online sale can be fixed price or online auction of 4-7 days for best results.

The best of both worlds is a hybrid sale. You can sell a lot online and get rid of even more with a 1-2 day in home sale.

San Antonio Estate Sales LLC realizes every situation is different, so you have several options to choose from instead of 1.

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