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If you ever been to an estate sale, you will notice most items are marked by pricing gun, masking tape or a sheet showing the price. Worst yet is the estate sale, where the price is not marked. I have noticed many liquidators throw a low price out especially on the last day. This is good for the shopper, but causes potential lost revenue for the client.

All items should be easy for a shopper to find a price. It has been proven in retail studies that having a lot of items without prices will result in less sales.

Having items barcoded means no mistaking someone’s poor hand writing on a ticket. Items can be scanned or entered into tablet, computer or phone for faster checkout and more detailed reporting for the client. It is better for inventory management by seeing what categories and items are moving or just sitting there.

Signage is an Estate Sale’s Business best friend if used properly. This includes displaying your policies, current discounts and anything else that pertains to the sale.

Using bright color paper or card stock to show the sale prices for shoppers will increase your sales. You can show the regular price if you like, but the current price should be larger to stand out. This has helped me tremendously in liquidations since 2003.
San Antonio Estate Sales LLC uses barcoding to be shopper and client friendly. Faster checkouts mean less customers leaving because of long lines and will add more revenue to the client. The client will know each day the total sales and what categories are moving.

Why Barcodes are Important for Estate Sales – Estate Sales Near Me

Analog estate sales are boring, slow, and subject to human error. At an Aether sale, you can expect a modern checkout. All items are quickly scanned and bagged, thanks to the time we take applying barcodes. With a digital system, there’s no need to pause for adding and totaling, which makes for the fastest estate sale shopping experience possible.