You Can’t Help Everyone

Sometimes, we take a sale that as a business decision is not a good choice. We feel sorry for the client and want to help the situation. However, often these clients are difficult to deal with and regret doing the sale.

We try our best for all of our clients, but sometimes they have unrealistic expectations and go ballistic over minor things. Had a client contact us 2 ½ weeks after they had been to the condo and cashed the check

Complained about all items not removed from the cleanout. In our contract, we removed most or all items and put the trash in a pile. In most houses put in the trash can and next to it. In the condo, there was no room, so we piled it outside on the patio. As a favor to the client, we got rid of about 2/3 of the trash to the dumpster in the community, trying to make it easier for them.

Evidently, we missed 2-3 boxes of nit nacks and 1 box of pots and pans and the client went crazy texting me about having to pay to remove the trash. If they had contacted us, we would have gladly removed those few boxes from there. She also complained about rugs and ironing board that were left that smell of urine or were rusty. Told me just because an item has no value, it is not trash. What!!!!

A dog that lived there had soaked the rugs with urine and we used 3 bottles of high-end odor removal items to no avail. The smell was bad, but even though in our contract to cancel, we went ahead with the sale to assist them with a bad situation and the house was so loaded, there was nowhere to put stuff.

She had initially wanted $2,000 from the sale and lowered the expectations to $1,200. Her share was more than both of those numbers combined and she was happy and wanted to leave a review.

However, her husband was unhappy with all the trash left and she started complaining about other things. We had a chance to do a much more profitable sale that was easy to set up, but we honored our contract with her even though we had an option to cancel. Our commission rate should have been 10% higher, but we were trying to put more money in her pocket to help her with the situation of the tenant who previously lived there.

She complained about things that were not true. We presold some items to maximize revenues but said we did not. We had a problem getting rid of the thousands of books, but they were all gone and she complained about the regular book guy not picking them up. We always do our best for reasonable concerns.

Lesson learned, no matter what extra you do for many clients, it is not appreciated. For every sale, we go beyond the contract terms for the client. I stayed at a house being cleaned until after 10 PM, even though was leaving early the next day for Florida on business. The other lesson is that we ask if clients have any concerns, contact us right away. Now, I understand why many companies charge extra for cleanouts or just leave the stuff there.

If you decide to hire us, we will make as much money as possible from your contents while clearing the house and getting your trash in a pile. Any concerns, contact us right away and we will try to make it right. One thing clients need to understand, for every sale we take, we turn down 3-5 sales

We do our best to honor the contract but can’t say that for our clients. Often, they want something left over at the end of the sale or to take something and we have let them.

Our goal is to make as much as possible for the client, get them their money fast and get the house cleared. Some clients don’t understand certain items are damaged and can’t even be given away for free. We don’t get rid of the trash for free, but often have disposed of some of it.

We have taken trash bags to our house to throw away. I threw away 2/3 of the trash bags in the condo sale and yet the client complained about a few small boxes we missed. A simple text telling us and we would have gladly picked it up. We have dealt with the client’s family issues making our life tougher to get the job done. Had to deal with a client who wanted to keep the best stuff after the sale was over and have the rest removed for free.

No one likes to deal with clients blowing up their phone with a complaint when a simple text would have solved the issue.

One last thing, we will no longer give any discounts to clients when they ask or because we felt sorry for their situation. In every case, they have been the most difficult clients to deal with.

If you are looking for a company always looking for better ways to assist their clients, give us a call. If you are hard to deal with and hard to satisfied, there are plenty of other companies to contact.

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