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Are you looking for an estate sale company in San Antonio to reduce your stress and clear the clutter?San Antonio Estate Sales LLC can boost your revenue and have the house ready to sell with our 21st century marketing. You can see our differences here:
Differences Estate Sale Companies – San Antonio

Jerry was featured in a Wall Street Journal article in 2019 and has been quoted in many publications such as USA Today, LA Times and many more. You can find out more about Sandra and Jerry here:
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Running a successful estate sale in San Antonio,TX takes a lot of hard detailed work. There is a lot to do for an estate liquidation. This includes staging everything in the house, research and pricing. You can see our process here:
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Before you select the right estate sale company in San Antonio, you should learn more about 10 common client mistakes., such as not listening to advice, taking stuff to resell or putting stuff in boxes or storage buildings. You can see all 10 mistakes here:
10 Client Mistakes with Estate Sale Comanies San Antonio

While selecting the perfect estate sale company in San Antonio, do not let cheapest price be the primary reason for selection. The company who is the cheapest may get you a much smaller rate of return. For example, if they charge you 30% and have $5,000 in sales, your share would be $3500. If another company who charges 35%, but can produce $7,000 in sales, your share would be $4,550. The article below explains how the cheapest price could be a costly mistake.Click below to find out more:
How Much Do Estate Companies Charge

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Visit our blog to read articles that will help you know more what is involved in estate sales to make the right selection for you when you are deciding on estate sale companies in San Antonio.

Some of the benefits of hiring San Antonio Estate Sales LLC are as follows:

1 We opened early to be the first stop of the day. The earliest allowed for San Antonio is 9.

2.More aggressive pricing on the second / third day. This will result in more sales and a better sell thru. Better pricing on the first day to take advantage of the traffic.

3.Jerry is an experienced liquidator and was featured in a Wall Street Journal in 2019 and has been quoted in several business publications such as USA Today, LA Times, etc.

4.Get your money in 3 business days or less.

5.Our software allows for barcode scanning for more detailed reports and faster checkout.

6. We can track individual family members items with our software.

We do estate sales all over the San Antonio area including Alamo Heights (78209), Olmos Park (78212), Helotes, Stone Oak, Leon Springs, Castle Hills, Boerne and many more. We do not take all sales, because we want it to be a good fit for both of us.

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Who Is this not for
1. If you are a control freak, you are not a good choice to work with us. You won’t be happy with the results and neither will we. Dealt with too many control freaks in the business world and always caused more stress and less revenues.If you need control do it yourself would be the best choice.
2. Need to be at the sale. We cover in several areas why this is a bad ideal. We are not trying to hide anything, but this will once again lead to less revenue.We have detailed reports since we scan items for you to see what was sold.
3. Looking for cheapest price. We are not the cheapest and our price varies depending on the work involved and the amount of revenue that can be generated. We offer great value for what we provide and the return that will be generated.

If you still have any questions, check out our FAQ.We have answered about 25 of the most common questions asked by clients.
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