9 Differences- Estate Sale in San Antonio TX

While there are many choices if you are looking to have an Estate Sale in San Antonio TX. San Antonio Estate Sales LLC has some differences we feel will be beneficial to you.

You should never select an estate sale business on the cheapest price, or it could be the worst choice and the costliest to you for your Estate Sale in San Antonio TX. As a sidenote, we have found generally clients interested in the cheapest price are hard to pleased.

We have shopped many of our competitor’s estate sales. While we like a lot of what we saw, we felt many times there could be a better sell-thru with more revenue by doing some things differently.

Here are some reasons to have San Antonio Estate Sales LLC conduct your sale:
Here are some of our differences compared to other estate sale companies:
1.Get money in 2 business days or less– Some companies take 1-2 weeks to mail or hand you your money.

2.3-day sales vs 2– some companies only do two day sales on medium and larger sales and leave a lot of money on the table.

3.Credit Cards– 60-80% of our sales are credit cards. We do not charge client or shoppers a fee to use credit cards. Our sales went up about 20-25% once we dropped the fee for shoppers. We had many customers comment they bought more because we accept credit cards.

4.Discount %– On the second day many companies are 25% off or a few 25-50% off. We are 33-50% off. Doing many business liquidations, we sold way more high-ticket at 33% off instead of 22%. This also works well if you do an Estate Sale in San Antonio TX.

5.Electronic Sale Reporting– Everything is rung up on the computer which gives instant sales totals and takes away the chance of losing any tickets. Many companies who do an Estate Sale in San Antonio TX use paper tickets.

6.Text Messaging- Most companies use email, but some people don’t check their emails regularly. Almost everyone checks out their text messages within a few minutes.

7.Best Sale Days- We have found Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday to be the best sale days. The primary reason is lack of competition. Sometimes our Tuesday & Wednesday sales beat our weekend sales. Most companies have sales Thursday-Saturday.

8.Flexibility with Pricing Last Day-If the client is not keeping the items after the sale, we do our best to get something instead of nothing. We make deals and dropped prices on higher ticket items if we need to. The last few hours we take any reasonable offers.

Also, our Basket sale is popular with shoppers in which they fill a small laundry basket for $20 with the cheaper items. This brings a lot of traffic and helps sell higher ticket items also.

9.Experienced Liquidator– Jerry has been a liquidator since 2003. He has done numerous high-end liquidations 400,000-800,000 all over the United States in 28 states.. He has been quoted in many publications such as USA Today, LA Times and many more. Wall Street Journal did an article on him and Jerry also appeared on TPR in 2022.

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Our Rates

Learning the truth about commission paid and costs of sales is a must and we are glad you have come to this page.

You should read up on as much as possible before you hire our company so that there are no surprises in the end and you can take comfort in the fact that you know what is happening from the beginning to the end.

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