We should have many of the answers you are looking for regarding San Antonio TX estate sales.

How long will it take to have an estate sale?

We would like about one week (but as short as 2 days) from start to finish to sort, clean, trash, tag, stage, price, market, and sell all items. However, we are often booked 1-2 months out.

Do you run sales that have HOA’s

The answer is it depends. We had problems on several occasions when the office gives us approval, but the board of directors decides at the last minute to give us a hard time. The only way we will do it if a community that we have done before with no issues or get written approval from the HOA.

What happens if my family has hidden money, photos, or anything personal inside the house, and the liquidator finds it?

San Antonio TX Estate Sales LLC will set these things aside, along with anything else that seems too personal to sell without permission and have the family come and retrieve it or drop it off to you when we give you the check.

What if my house is on the market, can I have an estate sale?

Having an estate sale is one of the best ways to sell your house.
It’s like having an open house for several days with thousands of people viewing your home. Many of the houses are sold the week after the sale has ended.

How do you determine your commission and what it includes?

San Antonio TX Estate Sales LLC commission is determined by the size of the estate and the quality and condition of the estate. San Antonio TX Estate Sales LLC takes care of all upfront costs including advertising, pre-sale preparation, sales staff, and pricing.

Most of our cost is labor with getting ready for the sale is the most expensive. We do have a minimum fee which is to cover some of our costs for the sale. Our commission rate is typically about 40% but varies in each case. Labor hours setting up the sale are often our biggest expense.

The buyers pay the sales tax, so it does not affect your proceeds. Here is an excellent article about commission rates for a sale and the costs involved for a sale:

Our Rates

Learning the truth about commission paid and costs of sales is a must and we are glad you have come to this page. You should read up on as much as possible before you hire our company so that there are no surprises in the end and you can take comfort in the fact that you know what is happening from the beginning to the end.

Why can’t I have my own estate sale?

You can conduct your own sale, but we have experience with advertising, crowd control, and fair market value for a short sale to sell your items at the best price and best sell-thru rates.

Having your own estate sale can overwhelm and individuals end up selling items far below market value or having the price too high and having a lot left over. Also, you may not like some negative comments customers make about your personal property.

Often inexperienced people will sell the valuable items for little to nothing and turn around or overprice other items and not have it sell. This results in a lot of items left over and the sale earning much less.

The next thing to think about is time: Do you and your family want to spend a month setting up a sale? Whereas San Antonio TX Estate Sales LLC can set up and host a sale in a few days.

If you are set on doing the sale yourself, the best thing you could do is to hire us for a consultation to give you the right tips to do the sale and suggested pricing for some of the higher price items.

Do you liquidate businesses?

Jerry has liquidated over 90 businesses since 2003. He has been quoted in many major publications about business liquidations. Call us to discuss rates for a business liquidation.

What should I do before and during the sale?

It does not require you to do anything!! You should throw nothing away, unless obvious trash. It will surprise you what some people will buy at the right price. We made over $200 from a small sale of the items right by the trash can.

One of the biggest mistakes clients have made is to dispose of ANYTHING at all prior to hiring and using a liquidator. If you are planning to donate anything, wait until after the sale is over.

It is nice if you give your hired professionals a contact phone number so they can call or text you from time to time to check on any issues that come up like, “Should we sell a collectible we found, or would you care to keep it”.

Should I be there during the sale?

No. it is much easier for us to conduct a sale if you are not present. Many customers are not comfortable shopping when a family member is present. Also, no matter how prepared you are for the sale, it can be very hard for you to watch people milling around the house and digging in the closets for clothes.

To you, everything has memories associated with it. To the shoppers, it is just another sale they are shopping on that day. It only takes a few people making off-hand comments about the choice of home decor or style or size of clothing to offend you.

San Antonio Estate Sales LLC feels it is our job to make this process easier on the family and to eliminate the stress involved with it. That is why we put it in the contract because it will be easier for all parties involved.

What do I need to do to help?
Please decide what you and your family members wish to keep before we sign the contract. Anything not for sale should be removed from the home or put in a secure spot, before we start working on the sale.. Also, decide what your goals are for the sale, so San Antonio Estate Sales LLC can do its best to make them happen.

When and how will I get paid?
We will provide the total sales and a check for your portion.
San Antonio Estate Sales LLC will make the check available within 3 business days following the close of your sale.
The check will either be hand delivered or mail your payment from inside the post office for security reasons, whichever is easier for you.

What if I should decide that I want to cancel the sale?

We will charge you for our time worked per the contract, and the money spent on advertising and any other expenses. We do not prefer this, but we understand people change their minds.

How do you advertise a San Antonio TX Estate Sale?

We promote all our sales on many websites and Facebook groups, text message notifications to our customers, and signs when allowed.

How will you organize, display, and protect my property?
Our staff works to display your merchandise to maximize sales.
We keep small valuables in a locked display case or behind the register area.

What happens to the unsold items?

We try to sell everything in the estate, but there will be items left unsold. We set up aggressive pricing after the first day to keep the momentum of the estate sale going and reduce the number of items left.

You have three choices for unsold items. We leave it there for you to do whatever you want. We have a cleanout company that will take most if not all items from the home. If you want to take some of the leftover items after the sale, it may not be worth it to the cleanout company to get rid of the remainder. If that is the case, you would be responsible for getting rid of the remaining items.

What about cleaning up after the estate sale?

Our goal is to sell it all and leave the premises clean.
If there is excessive trash or hazardous and bulk materials, we can have them removed at a reasonable cost to you.

We do not dispose of hazardous materials, non-working appliances, or non-running motor vehicles. In most homes, the cleanout is free and finished a few days after the sale has ended. We do not clean the house or remove the trash unless arrangements have been made and an additional fee would be charged.

Are customers allowed to buy items before the sale?

We value all of our customers and would like to create an equal opportunity for purchases. We sell selected high-ticket items online to maximize revenue. We were able to sell over $1700 online in a very small home the week of the big Texas freeze.

How do you know so much about the estate sale business?

We have been selling personal and business property since 2003. Sandra has been shopping estate sales, garage sales, Facebook marketplace, and thrift store for many years and knows the fair market value of many items. We researched selected items as needed.

Should we need help in appraising an item we call on experts in their fields. Jerry is currently working on becoming a Certified Appraiser.

How do I know I can place my trust in you?

San Antonio Estate Sales LLC is a service-oriented business. We rely on referrals from satisfied customers to grow our business. Jerry has been a liquidator since 2003 and had a featured article about him in the Wall Street Journal in 2019. We are insured and bonded.

Why am I charged a Commission for pulling my items after you start working the sale?

Our rates are based on the items that are for sale in the house. Also, customers get mad and hurt our business reputation when items are pulled, especially when they made the trip for that one item. Would it be fair if we changed the commission rate after we started prepping for the sale? It works both ways.

About 2/3 of our sales, clients pull items and that is why we say nothing but make the deduction at the end of the sale. We used to look the other way but it has cost us thousands of dollars.

How do you evaluate appraisals on items that have already been done, such as jewelry?

Normally a percentage of the set value. We would have to look at current trends. It would depend on the age of the appraisal and who did the appraisal. Art appraisals can be way higher than the fair market value, especially if bought on a cruise.

How do I choose an estate sales liquidator to help me?

You may interview different companies to have your sale, try to keep in mind these people will handle your family heirlooms. If you feel you can trust them alone in your house and that you can communicate with them about your wishes, you are safe to hire them. Check for insurance and you will know when you have met the right fit for your sale.

I am just moving. Can I have an estate sale?

Many estate sales are now because of moving. It is far more common to have people move out of state, downsize to a smaller home, or move into an assisted living center.

Do I need to have valuable items such as art or antiques to have a sale?
Most sales involve normal, household contents such as kitchen items, decor, sporting goods, and clothes. The more common items are often more desirable because everyone can use them. All the small items add up. Brown furniture can be a tough sell in the current market.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept cash, credit, and debit cards for purchases over $5. In many sales, 50-70% of the sales are credit/debit cards., but 90% or more in our higher-end sales We do not charge the customers a fee, because it hurts sales.

What happens if there is bad weather?

Weather is rarely a factor in estate sales. Unlike a garage sale that can be rained out, an estate sale is inside and rain or wind rarely will affect you. In the event of a weather emergency, San Antonio TX Estate Sales LLC may opt to reschedule your sale.

Can I put out flyers to sell my house at the sale?

An estate sale is a great place to get exposure to sell your home. You will have hundreds or thousands of people attend a sale. Many homes sell because of the estate sale and you cannot beat free advertising.

What Locations Does Your Company Cover for Estate Sales?

We do estate sales in the San Antonio area including; Olmos Park, Alamo Heights, Castle Hills, Leon Valley, Leon Springs, Helotes, Stone Oak, Seguin, Shavano Park, Terrell Hills, Boerne, New Braunfels, Spring Branch, and many more.

What is your Pricing Strategy and length of Time for the Sale?

Most sales are 1-3 days, with three days the most common. Our two-day sales are generally on Tuesday & Wednesday. Our three-day sales are normally Friday-Sunday. Tuesday & Wednesday sales get more views because of less competition. Done business liquidations for years and you be surprised how many people were there on a Wednesday or Thursday to start a sale.

We are full price the first day and our discount differs on the following days depending on the number of items, location, and current sales running. Generally, items are 33-50% off on the second day, and everything is 50% off on the last day. Our pricing strategy is different from our competitors and is a plus for a better sell-through and to maximize revenues. We developed this strategy from seeing results during business liquidations.

Shoppers can make offers to buy in bulk the last few hours of the sale on the last day. We do sell some small items as a group in boxes or let you fill a laundry basket for a special price.

How much is it for a 1-day sale?

Generally, we charge about 38%. Normally, these are sales we would lose money or make very little in a 2-day sale format. We do a little setup beforehand, but we do advertise heavily and get the house cleared for you.

What if I have a fully loaded house?

If you have the time, doing a two-part or three-part sale will maximize revenues. We generally like to space the sales 4-6 weeks apart to be most effective.

The other San Antonio TX estate sale companies are 25% off on the second day. Why are you 33-50% off the second day?

From doing business liquidations, the amount of high ticket items that will sell at 33% off instead of 25% off is significant. It also gives us an advantage against the other companies. We sell the cheaper items 50% off because there is so much to sell especially clothing, books, picture frames, and cheaper home decor.

I spent a lot on my furniture. Why is your price so much less?

From experience, we know what it takes to sell furniture. In the past, we had customers set up a minimum price for furniture and never sold a piece. Take a look at the Facebook marketplace and you will see cheap prices or even free of some nice furniture.

At the end of the sale, we try to get something for the furniture instead of it not selling. We have a couple of resellers that we contact if it doesn’t sell, so you will get at least several hundred dollars instead of nothing.

How do you determine prices?

We used our experience, and sold eBay prices, Worthpoint, Google search, and Facebook group of estate sale companies.

What do I get after the sale?

You will get your check quickly. Also, we have a customized report showing total sales and your share. If you would like, we can include receipts of items sold for $100 or more. If you want all the receipts we ring up, we can do that for an additional charge for our time to print them up. We ring up items in categories using square because that is the fastest way to process customers and know your sale totals.

Why can’t I have more control?

We try to honor our client’s wishes. However, if you are a control freak or want to decide the prices, we are not the company for you. Our vast experience will not be properly utilized.

Do you match another’s companies commission rate?

No. We decide on a rate that is fair to you and us. We don’t want to work for less than minimum wage or lose money doing a sale. Also, some San Antonio TX estate sale companies have additional charges such as a fee to do the cleanout after the sale. Some companies have super low commission rates and you get what you pay for.

Why hire San Antonio Estate Sales LLC?

There are a lot of good estate sale companies in San Antonio. We are always looking for better ways to improve our operations to maximize revenue for our clients. Most of the companies have the same price strategy and don’t adjust. We get the clients their money fast, house cleared quickly, and do what it takes to sell your items and make the most revenue which benefits both of us.