Estate Sales San Antonio

1.Not Listening to advice.
Do not hire any estate sales San Antonio area companies if you will not follow their advice. If you think you know what to do, run the sale yourself. Otherwise, you will be disappointed with the results and your actions will probably cost everyone a lot of money.

Pricing is a big issue and many families think the stuff is worth a lot more than what you can get in an estate sale. Realize you have 1-3 days to sell it, so the price will be cheaper than eBay or Craigslist unless it is a high-demand item or collectible.

Most sales I go to have way too much stuff left they are trying to sell on the last day.


2. Waiting until the last minute to do the sale. You normally need at least two weeks to give yourself ample time to get ready for the sale.

               Interfering With Sale

3. Getting in the way. Most estate sales San Antonio companies including ours do not want the family around once the sale starts. Nothing good will come of it, but plenty of bad things have happened.

Family members lose sales by raising prices, hassling shoppers, or one time would not go down a couple of $, resulting in a $600 sale being lost.

Another time family was meeting in one room and barely anything was sold in that room. Family members have gotten upset hearing negative comments about items in the house.

Let the estate sales San Antonio company handle the sale and everyone will be happier in the end.

          Take Items Not For Sale        

4. Leaving stuff in the house not being sold. Customers will want to buy those items and get upset when they are unable to buy them.

5. Giving things away for free or taking stuff to resell in a garage. If you want to take stuff, that is fine. However, just giving stuff away or taking the best stuff to resell. One estate sale company had figured, he would sell $50,000 in a sale.

The family took the best stuff which he figured would bring it about $30,000. Their garage sale of the same items sold for $1100. He walked away because not having the best items would bring him anywhere close to what he was projecting.

Once a contract is signed, you should not take anything out or bring anything in without talking to the estate sale company, so they can tell you if it will have a great impact on the sale.

San Antonio Estate Sales LLC pricing is based on how much we will sell and how many hours we used to get ready and during the sale.

6. Moving stuff to a storage unit or putting it in boxes is not suggested by many estate sales San Antonio companies. This makes extra work, which will result in a higher cost for you to run the sale.

              Do Not Trash

7. Throwing stuff away. Do not throw stuff away unless obvious trash. There was one sale, where the estate sale company found the best stuff in a dumpster.

8.Garage sale before estate sale
. The first reason mentioned above by getting a lot less money and ruining the sale. Also, many places have limits on how often you can have a garage sale/ estate sale. In San Antonio, it is once a quarter. Castle Hills is twice a year.

San Antonio Estate Sale Company

9. Telling neighbors about your sale. Some will have garage sales and take advantage of your traffic. I have been to places, there are several garage sales around the estate sale.

                  Being Cheap

10. Hiring the cheapest company. We all have expenses with payroll being the most expensive. Cheap companies may not get as much return/ not record all items sold or take the leftovers. Hire the company that most align with your goals.

You can check references and testimonials. However, realize references will say something good for them and testimonials could be from their friends and or family. Make sure they are insured and licensed.

If you are looking for an estate sale company San Antonio, please give us a call today. You can find out about our upcoming sales here:Estate sales San Antonio