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found money estate sale san antonio

Keys to a Successful Estate Sale in San Antonio

There are many factors to a successful estate sale in San Antonio. A typical weekend will have 20-40 sales. Here are some of the factors that affect the results of the sale. The total number of sales and how many sales near you affect the results. If you are further out from the airport area […]

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Using Facebook Groups for Traffic

We had great success using various Facebook groups to get traffic to the sale. We post before the sale and daily to multiple local Facebook groups. Many companies just post once and the same ad to all the groups. There are different pictures and text used for the various postings. Many of these people have […]

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We won an Award

We were surprised to receive an email recently from NextDoor to let us know we are a neighborhood favorite. We like to thank the people who voted for us.

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found money estate sale san antonio

Finding Money & Jewelry

We find plenty of surprises while setting up sales. While it is impossible in some sales due to the number of items or time to go thru all items, we do our best. We found a lot of money and gold jewelry recently in one of the houses. We informed the family for them to […]

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one day estate sale

One Day Sales

Most of our sales are 2-3 days. However, sometimes we will do a one – day sale. This sale will get your house cleared, but we do little prep ahead of time, except for marketing your sale. These are sales that if we did full service as a two – day sale we would make […]

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Business liquidation

We Can Liquidate Your Business

If you need a business liquidated, we can do that. Jerry has been doing business liquidations since 2003 and has done over 90 sales. We can promote your sale online, customer list, and various Facebook groups for a great sale. We know what it takes to move fixtures in a short period of time. Our […]

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San Antonio Estate Sales LLC

Why Do Estate Sale Companies Cancel Sales with Their Clients?

There are numerous reasons for this to happen. There could be a personal or health issue with a key member of the estate sale company. Another reason that happens is that the client is not following the contract. They are removing items from the house or causing other issues for the estate sale company. The […]

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selecting estate sale company

Cheaper is not Always Better

What is your objective for an estate sale? For some, it is finding the cheapest estate sale company, so they have more money in their pocket? Nothing wrong with that, but the cheapest company will probably not give you the results, you desire. In San Antonio, a good estate sale company with the proper research, […]

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estate sale timing san antonio

How Timing is Crucial to Estate Sales Success

One of the most significant issues we encounter is many people wait until the last minute to schedule an estate sale. The two most important issues are the estate sale company is booked for that period and not giving the estate company enough time to prep for the sale. For example, we had eight calls […]

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Selling High Ticket Items in Estate Sale?

Would you like to know how much your higher ticket items sold for in the estate sale quickly? You can go thru a bunch of tickets that may be legible or not or scanned one of our reports quickly. We bought a lot of our supplies and equipment from other companies estate sales and often […]

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