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There are a lot of choices if you are looking to do an Estate Sale in San Antonio. San Antonio Estate Sales LLC has the experience and flexibility for you to have a successful sale. Jerry the Liquidator (owner) has been managing business liquidations in 28 states since 2003. In many of the sales, he sold personal property during the store closing sale. He was a manager for 13 different drug stores in a 20-year period. Jerry the Liquidator was featured in the Wall Street Journal and his business quotes have appeared in USA Today, LA Times, and many more major publications.

In addition, he has two years of experience working in a Pawn Shop. He went to estate sales in different parts of the country to see what they do differently and how he can maximize sales for his clients. Jerry is working on becoming a Certified Appraiser in the decorative arts field which is the study of antiques, collectibles, and memorabilia.

On numerous occasions, shoppers of the liquidation sale suggested that he start doing estate sales. After Sandra mentioned she was going to start her company, Jerry spent a lot of time researching various estate sale companies. Jerry and Sandra saw a lot of opportunities in the San Antonio market.

Sandra(Owner) for many years has found bargains in Garage Sales, Craigslist, Online marketplace, Thrift Stores, and estate sales. She is excellent in buying stuff to resale or using for her personal use for a year or two and gets her money back and sometimes even more.

Between Jerry and Sandra’s experience, San Antonio Estate Sales LLC knows the right price to sell your stuff and the procedures to have a good sell-thru for your Estate Sale in San Antonio. Contact us today to see if we can help you liquidate the personal property of the estate. Unlike some estate companies, San Antonio Estate Sales LLC does not take everyone as a client. We want it to be a good fit for both parties.

Why hire an Estate Liquidator? When you can conduct the estate sale yourself?!

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Estate Sale in San Antonio