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Do you have realistic expectations on the amount of money your sale will bring in? For example, if you were bored and inventory all the items priced in your home, how much will the sale produce?
That depends on many factors such as quality of items, location, presentation, estate sale company etc. What we have found if you have $10,000 in items, $5,000 would be a realistic expectation. This is due to items selling at a discount and some items not selling at all.

We seldom use the selling price on ebay, but checked the sold price. That can be a considerable gap. Also, the listing is much longer on ebay vs a 2-4 day estate sale, making it easier for them to get a higher amount.

“You have crazy pricing”. I hear that alot and definitely not offended. We run a lot of two- day estate sales and on the second day have higher ticket items on sale for 33% off instead of 50% off which brings in more money for our clients. I learned this trick a lot time ago doing numerous business liquidations thruout the country.
It is amazing how much more sells with a 33% discount instead of 25%