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Well, I am paying them a lot of money, so I should be the boss. Yes, you are paying them a lot of money, but that includes their advice which is most important. The estate sale company has no attachment to the items being sold. The values are based on what someone is willing to pay, not their cost or sentimental value.

The estate company has the experience and know how to produce the most revenue for you while cleaning out the house at the same time. A good estate sale company in San Antonio has a plan to sell the items and what to do with the leftover items.

Normally the people who need the money the least are more likely to follow the estate companies advice. People who really need their money will get too involved and make decisions that costs them money. This is the same for business owners also.

This is why many estate sale companies do not want the family during the sale. They will want to make decisions that will cost the estate sale company money and hurt the reputation and future business of the estate sale company. Shoppers have plenty of sales to choose from and if a family member makes a bad decision it reflects on the San Antonio estate sale company.

Reserved Pricing is good for selected high demand items. However, I have seen several sales with electronics that were too high price. I could buy the same item online with a warranty than what the estate sale was trying to sell the Tablet or TV.

Here is the main reason to trust the San Antonio Estate Sale Company. More they sell the more both of you make. If you do not fully trust the company, hire another company or do the sale yourself.
San Antonio Estate Sales LLC will give you the advice that will put more money in your pocket, while getting your house ready to sell with the least amount of stress.

How to Hire an Estate Sale Company: Questions to Ask and Red Flags to Avoid

It’s time to say good-bye to Grandma’s knitted owl collection, and somehow break down Gramp’s’ garage – the tool benches, weird springs and connectors he always liked. The whole house is packed, and the realtor told you to have it empty by June 1st. Anxious yet?