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Most of our sales are 2-3 days. However, sometimes we will do a one – day sale.
This sale will get your house cleared, but we do little prep ahead of time, except for marketing your sale. These are sales that if we did full service as a two – day sale we would make very little or even lose money. We could charge a minimum, but with a one – day sale would be fairer to both parties.

Our commission is normally about 38% which is a little cheaper, because we have set expenses in every sale that we need to cover.

Every week there are many estate sales and if your items are not as good as the others or further out, it makes for a tough sell. Many times, we get an estate picked over by the relatives and the items left are not going to generate a lot of money.

Other advantages of a one-day sale are we need less lead time to book. Often we are booked 1-2 months out. Some sales we would not take , but with a one day sale it would be worth our while. The biggest benefit is you get the house cleared and make some money.