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You can conduct your own sale, but we have experience with advertising, crowd control, and fair market value for a short sale to sell your items at the best price and best sell thru rates.

Having your own estate sale can overwhelm and individuals end up selling items far below market value or having the price too high and having a lot left over. Also, you may not like some negative comments customers make about your personal property.

Often inexperienced people will sell the valuable items for little to nothing and turn around and overprice other items and not have it sell. This results in a lot of items left over and the sale earning much less.

The next thing to think about is time: Do you and your family want to spend a month setting up a sale? Whereas we can set up and host a sale in one or two weeks. If you are set on doing the sale yourself, the best thing you can do is to hire us for a consultation to give you the right tips to do the sale.

Estate sales require a lot of planning, organization, and knowledge of the value of items

Estate sale companies handle the marketing and advertising of the sale, ensuring that it reaches the right audience. They have a network of buyers and collectors, which means that your items will be seen by people who are genuinely interested in them and willing to pay a fair price. The whole process is conducted with utmost professionalism and efficiency, which greatly reduces the stress for the family involved.

The estate sale company will bring in more money from the sale. They have the expertise to price items appropriately and the resources to market the sale effectively. They also bring a level of professionalism and organization to the sale that can attract more buyers. Plus, buyers often feel more comfortable purchasing from a professional sale, knowing that the items have been properly appraised and are priced fairly.

They bring expertise, efficiency, and a professional approach to the task, which can be invaluable during a challenging transition.

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