In most cases estate liquidations include ours are coming into your home and accessing the project. After you hire us San Antonio Estate Sales LLC sorts, clean, organize, research, price, market, and sell your collection and furnishings from your home. When the estate sale is over we will haul off or remove any items that did not sell if you so specify. We broom sweep your house and garage and clean the trash out of your yard.

Should I look for the cheapest rate?

In most cases, much more labor is used to get ready for the sale than the sale itself. Payroll is our biggest expense by far. Here are some things to consider.

1.Brand New Company- May not understand the profit and loss involved. Once they realize it, they may do some or all the items listed below.

2.They don’t pay employees, but the employees want something in return. That would be your merchandise at a special price or all the leftovers at the end.

3.They bring in their own stuff to sell and concentrate on selling that first.

4.At the end, buy your stuff super cheap or just take it.

5. They may not be good at producing sales. Their prices may be too high or too low. They may also reduce advertising and have no insurance or bonded to save a few dollars.

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Our Rates

Learning the truth about commission paid and costs of sales is a must and we are glad you have come to this page. You should read up on as much as possible before you hire our company so that there are no surprises in the end and you can take comfort in the fact that you know what is happening from the beginning to the end.

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