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Many of the estate sale companies in San Antonio do the same things. However, there is a huge difference in some companies. Just like anything else, some estate liquidators are much better than others.

My wife and I have been to numerous estate sales in the San Antonio area. We noticed what they do well and what they can improved. There are several good companies, but we think one that stands out as the best(besides us of course).

One company does everything right, except at the checkout. I expect my social security check to be deposited before I get my stuff paid for.
The estate sale company’s loyalty is to the client. However, you need to be priced right or you will have a lot leftover or sell for almost nothing at the end of the liquidation sale. The key is pricing perception. Most shoppers don’t know the pricing on everything. But if you are high on the stuff they do know, they will perceive all of your items as high priced.

Also, some companies don’t want to take credit cards because of the additional expense. This is a huge mistake and no matter what they think it effects your sales. The cost can be passed on to the client or even better to the customer. A few companies do this in San Antonio and I have not noticed much complaining from the shoppers.

Other areas that companies do better than others is how fast get the money to clients, additional charges, house condition and how they treat the estate.

San Antonio Estate Sales LLC is using technology to have bar coding instead of paper receipts. This will result in faster and more accurate checkouts. In addition, the client will have a more detailed report of the sales.