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Cheaper is not Always Better

What is your objective for an estate sale? For some, it is finding the cheapest estate sale company, so they have more money in their pocket? Nothing wrong with that, but the cheapest company will probably not give you the results, you desire. In San Antonio, a good estate sale company with the proper research, […]

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What Expenses does an Estate Sale Company Incur?

Many clients think estate sale companies charge too much. They do not realize all the expenses and just think about the labor during the sale. Here are some of the expenses involved: 1. Labor- Not only for the sale, but more labor is used setting up the sale. It takes time to stage, research, price […]

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garage sale

Should I have a Garage Sale Before the Estate Sale?

This could be a real short article by just saying no. First, many areas have limits on how often you can have a garage sale / estate sale. In San Antonio, it is once per quarter and twice per year in Castle Hills. If you run a garage sale, you may have to wait a […]

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