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What is your objective for an estate sale? For some, it is finding the cheapest estate sale company, so they have more money in their pocket? Nothing wrong with that, but the cheapest company will probably not give you the results, you desire.

In San Antonio, a good estate sale company with the proper research, prep of the sale and, the right amount of labor for the sale will probably need to charge at least 35% and more likely 40% unless the owner likes working for minimum wage or less.

Well, how can some companies charge 30%? Here are the four most likely options.
1.They are new and don’t understand business costs. Well, that’s not your problem. However, they will probably produce fewer sales due to lack of experience. They will not be around long trying to be the cheapest instead of offering a fantastic service at an affordable price.
2.They cut corners with labor. The sale will be under staff and, the prep will take shortcuts.
3.They tend to price high. So what is wrong with that? When it doesn’t sell and you get zero, that is a problem. Also, they could take all the leftovers and make 100% when they sell them at their warehouse or store.
4.It is a combination of the above.

I have been in business liquidator and store manager for a long time and understand how to minimize expenses while maximizing sales. However, took much reduction will result in a lot more items leftover and a lot less in your pocket.

If I know the client is picking by the cheapest commission, instead of the best value, we will pass on the sale. If you come to one of our sales, which you can see on our website, you can pick up a free paperback of How to Select an Estate Sale Company or get our electronic version here: