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4 Reasons To Hire A Professional Estate Sale Company

You can conduct your own sale, but we have experience with advertising, crowd control, and fair market value for a short sale to sell your items at the best price and best sell thru rates. Having your own estate sale can overwhelm and individuals end up selling items far below market value or having the […]

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How do Estate Sale Companies Work?

Estate sale companies will take care of selling and cleaning up the estate. The fee will vary often based on the amount of work and the value of the estate.Some companies charge extra for additional services. Everything should be covered in your written contarct, so there is no surprises. Selecting the right estate sale company […]

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Estate Sale Companies San Antonio

How Much do Estate Sale Companies Charge?

Some clients wonder why estate sale companies charge so much for a 1-3 day sale to liquidate the personal assets of their estate. They don’t realize all the costs such as getting ready for sale, advertising, insurance, cleaning up after the sale are just some of the expenses. Payroll is the highest, so the better […]

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