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Some clients wonder why estate sale companies charge so much for a 1-3 day sale to liquidate the personal assets of their estate. They don’t realize all the costs such as getting ready for sale, advertising, insurance, cleaning up after the sale are just some of the expenses. Payroll is the highest, so the better condition the estate is, the better the price.

With a normal in-house estate sale, we pay the expenses for the entire sale out of pocket and are reimbursed from the sale’s gross proceeds. The commission rate you pay is taken from the net of the sale and not the gross so that we will both be sharing the burden and cost of the preparation of your home and property as well as the manning of the sale itself, making it fair for each side of the contract:

The average estate sale costs 20-30 % of the gross proceeds to run, which is paid out of pocket by us and then reimbursed to our company prior to splitting the proceeds with the family.

Some companies trying to have the lowest price and if the sale is not meeting expectations will reduce payroll resulting in less sales and perhaps higher shrinkage.

San Antonio Estate Sales LLC will not be the cheapest company, but we have a good price for the value we deliver. We will be barcoding all items starting in the summer of 2020. This results in a faster and more accurate checkout. In addition, we have detailed reports available to our client quickly without having to add up hundreds of hand-written receipts.

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Learning the truth about commission paid and costs of sales is a must and we are glad you have come to this page. You should read up on as much as possible before you hire our company so that there are no surprises in the end and you can take comfort in the fact that you know what is happening from the beginning to the end.

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