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Estate Sale Company Reviews

Reviews and Estate Sale Companies

Reviews can be an useful guide to selecting an estate sale company, but should not be the primary reason. I have shopped at many of the estate sale companies and don’t understand some of the reviews. The one company that is consistently good has some mediocre reviews and others way better. I have traveled a […]

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garage sale

Should I have a Garage Sale Before the Estate Sale?

This could be a real short article by just saying no. First, many areas have limits on how often you can have a garage sale / estate sale. In San Antonio, it is once per quarter and twice per year in Castle Hills. If you run a garage sale, you may have to wait a […]

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Estate Sale Liquidators

Getting Ready for Estate Sale

The family should do the following before an estate sale company looks at the house. 1. Take everything they want. If it too bulky to get right away, put a not for sale. 2. Throw out obvious trash. Otherwise, leave it for estate company to go thru. Some estate sale companies have found a small […]

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