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Reviews can be an useful guide to selecting an estate sale company, but should not be the primary reason. I have shopped at many of the estate sale companies and don’t understand some of the reviews. The one company that is consistently good has some mediocre reviews and others way better.

I have traveled a lot over the years and constantly reading hotel reviews. When I stay at a hotel for 1-2 months, have a good idea of how well the hotel is managed. I don’t understand some of the low reviews. Some companies will give bad reviews to their competitors and good ones to themselves.

Everyone has different goals so the actual text in a review means way more to me than stars. I have seen people blame the wrong company for a review. That is a concern with us because there is a company with a similar name that we may be mistaken for.

How to choose a good estate sale company

Dear Savvy Senior: Can you provide some tips on how to choose a good estate sale company who can sell all the leftover items in my mother’s house? – Inquiring Daughter Dear Inquiring: The estate sale business has become a huge industry over the past decade.

What Is A Good Review Or Bad Review Of An Estate Sale Company?

As the estate sale industry continues explosive expansion on a weekly basis consider reviews and why people write reviews. In today’s estate liquidation world writing a review can be as simple as getting on the internet and going to Google (if you have a gmail account) or perhaps YP (Yellow Pages) or Yelp.