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Reserve prices are a minimum price to sell items at an estate sale. Having too many reserve prices is not good for most sales.
The best items to have reserve prices are higher ticket items. Also, if you have items that you are thinking about keeping those are good candidates for reserve pricing.

There are some negatives with reserve pricing. You have too many and probably will lose a lot of sales. In addition, shoppers perception can be negative to other items in the sale if the reserve pricing is too high. They may not know the pricing on a lot of items, but if the items they do are high, they will assume all the prices at the estate sale are high.

I see this a lot on electronic items. Shoppers can buy a new electronic item at the store and get a warranty to protect themselves.
San Antonio Estate Sales LLC suggest keeping reserve pricing to a minimum. Sometimes, it is better not to list the item at the estate sale if the reserve price is too high.