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San Antonio Estate Sales LLC knows it is an art to having the right estate sale pricing. You want to make as much for your client, but must be a good value to the shoppers. In addition, need to have plans on pricing after the first day.

In many sales, the initial price is high on many items. If you have the right price to start, it will result in a lot more sales and fewer markdowns. For many people you only get one shot to sell.

You can use eBay, Etsy, Worthpoint, retail store or online, and Craigslist as a guide, but in most cases needs to be cheaper because only have 1-3 days to sell. High-demand items you may be able to get even more than those places.

I have noticed many of the sales have way too many of the cheaper items at the end. We believe in more aggressive pricing of 50-70% off these items after the first day.

Certain items are hard to sell including certain collectibles, furniture especially dressers, electronics, and computer monitors.
Other items hard to sell are Heavy / bulky items / clothing in uncommon sizes. Pianos / Organs only sell about 10% of the time and are even hard to donate. If a smoker smoked inside the house, that will reduce the amount of sales also. You would need lower prices to start the sale on these items.

Lot of places will sell cleaners, office supplies and used health and beauty aids individually. It would be better to put in a box and put a price of a few dollars to sell them.

It is hard for many people to have their own sale because they price way too high or too low with the same result of leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

Remember to research the market value of your items, categorize them appropriately, and utilize pricing tools and resources to streamline the process. Additionally, don’t be afraid to negotiate and offer discounts strategically to attract potential buyers.

By avoiding common pricing mistakes and staying organized with clear pricing labels, you can create a positive buying experience for your customers and maximize the success of your estate sale.

When pricing your items, it’s important to consider their condition, rarity, age, and market demand. High-quality items in good condition tend to fetch higher prices, while damaged or outdated items might need to be priced lower. Additionally, items that are in high demand or considered collectibles can be priced higher due to their scarcity.


Categorizing your items can make the pricing process more manageable. Group similar items together and assign price ranges to each category. For example, furniture can be categorized into different price ranges based on factors such as age, brand, and condition. Antiques and collectibles can also be grouped separately and priced accordingly.

When categorizing and pricing your items, it’s important to be consistent. Use clear labels or tags to indicate the price range for each category. This will make it easier for potential buyers to navigate through your sale and understand the pricing structure.

UsingĀ  tools and resources can save you time and effort in researching the market value of each item individually. They can also help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and pricing strategies in the estate sale industry.

Don’t overprice items based solely on sentimental value. Sentimental value may be important to you, but it doesn’t always translate into monetary value for potential buyers.

By avoiding common pricing mistakes and staying organized with clear pricing labels, you can create a positive buying experience for your customers and maximize the success of your estate sale.

San Antonio Estate Sales LLC takes the good ideas from other estate sale companies and adds better ways, like a few mentioned above.

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