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You should take anything that can be used by you or a family member. Also, if it has sentimental value, go ahead and take it.

The problem is that sometimes things are taken because other family members took a lot. Another common reason is to take high value items and sell them yourself. That is a terrible strategy.

There is a good chance you will make less selling it yourself even after paying commission. The better items are what brings customers to estate sales. If you just have lesser items, much less traffic and revenue. The better estate sale companies will not do your sale.

Preparing For an Estate Sale Consultation * Poof! Estate Services Inc.

Thinking about having an estate sale but are unsure how to prepare the home for interviewing companies? Here are some simple tips to ensure you and the home are ready. No need to donate anything – We recommend that you always begin the process by simply deciding what you and others would like to keep.

Sell This, Not That: How to Manage an Estate Sale

It’s a situation many of us will face one day, if we haven’t already: A relative dies or goes into a nursing home, leaving the survivors to figure out what to do with all the nice things left behind.