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How hard can it be to run a DIY estate sale? I have been to a few sales and it doesn’t look too hard. Let me give you some advice. If that describes you, get ready to throw away hundreds or thousands of dollars in many cases.

It is hard work getting ready for a sale. It takes time to organize, pricing(doing research) and planning how to get rid of slow moving items and to get a lot of shoppers to your sale. You also need to have people you can count on to help you. Some places have time limits on how long you can run the sale and when. In the San Antonio area, Alamo Heights has some strict rules for an estate sale.

Many smart business owners who have been in their business 30-40 years hire someone to liquidate their assets, realizing they will have less stress and way better return with a professional.

Pricing can be hard. You don’t want to give it away, but if you are too high shoppers will not buy and you will have a lot left or have to sell for next to nothing. Realize ebay, craigslist and other places, the buyer has more time trying to sell their products. There is no warranties on electronics, buy if you buy online can get a warranty for your purchase.

How to Hold an Estate Sale (Without Hiring a Pro)

If you organize your own estate sale, you get to keep more of the proceeds. Follow these steps to hold a successful estate sale without hiring a pro.

How to hold your own Estate Sale|Liquidate your own estate

Estate sales and liquidation sales require a lot of work to set up and execute. Many people find the emotional stress of selling the possessions of a parent or loved one to be greater than they can handle. That’s why there are estate sale and liquidation companies like the Estate Wizards.

11 Ways to Hold a Profitable Estate Sale (Have a Plan B for That Piano)

If you’ve ever seen those “estate sale” signs on street corners and wondered if they’re really worth your time (they’re just a bunch of old junk no wants anymore, right?), you’re not alone.