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San Antonio Estate Sales LLC

Realistic Expectations & Pricing

Do you have realistic expectations on the amount of money your sale will bring in? For example, if you were bored and inventory all the items priced in your home, how much will the sale produce?That depends on many factors such as quality of items, location, presentation, estate sale company etc. What we have found […]

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Estate Sale Leftovers

What does San Antonio Estate Sales LLC do with leftover items at the end of an estate sale? This can be time-consuming work after the sale has completed. On a few selected high ticket items, we will try to sell thru Facebook or one of our other online sites with a buy it price or […]

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Reserve Pricing

Reserve Prices and Estate Sales

Reserve prices are a minimum price to sell items at an estate sale. Having too many reserve prices is not good for most sales. The best items to have reserve prices are higher ticket items. Also, if you have items that you are thinking about keeping those are good candidates for reserve pricing. There are […]

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expenses estate sale company

What Expenses does an Estate Sale Company Incur?

Many clients think estate sale companies charge too much. They do not realize all the expenses and just think about the labor during the sale. Here are some of the expenses involved: 1. Labor- Not only for the sale, but more labor is used setting up the sale. It takes time to stage, research, price […]

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Insurance Estate Sale Company

What Does Bonded & Insured Mean?

If you are going to do an estate sale, the estate sale company should be bonded and insured. In addition, you should continue insurance on the house. Bonded deals with surety company will be responsible for covering any financial losses. For example: the bond may cover theft that occurs. The insurance is protection for your […]

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Experience Matter San Antonio Estate Liquidation Company

Does Experience Matter in an Estate Sale Liquidation Company?

This will be a confusing answer, but it is yes and no. The best companies learn the longer they own their business. However, it is easy to be complacent and keep doing business as usual. There are many good estate sale companies in San Antonio that have plenty of nice people that work for or […]

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bar code scanning estate sales

Why Price Labeling, Bar Coding and Signage is Important for Estate Sales

If you ever been to an estate sale, you will notice most items are marked by pricing gun, masking tape or a sheet showing the price. Worst yet is the estate sale, where the price is not marked. I have noticed many liquidators throw a low price out especially on the last day. This is […]

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Estate Sale Company Reviews

Reviews and Estate Sale Companies

Reviews can be an useful guide to selecting an estate sale company, but should not be the primary reason. I have shopped at many of the estate sale companies and don’t understand some of the reviews. The one company that is consistently good has some mediocre reviews and others way better. I have traveled a […]

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Questions to ask san antonio estate sale companies

Questions to Ask San Antonio Estate Sale Companies

What questions should you ask estate sale companies in the San Antonio area? First, you must decide what your goals are before contacting estate sale liquidators. Your first questions should be connected with your goal. Some other questions to ask what are the responsibilities of the estate sale company and the cost. When will you […]

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what to take estate sale

What to Take Before the Estate Sale Starts?

You should take anything that can be used by you or a family member. Also, if it has sentimental value, go ahead and take it. The problem is that sometimes things are taken because other family members took a lot. Another common reason is to take high value items and sell them yourself. That is […]

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