What are the Best Days to Have an Estate Sale?

When should one hold an estate sale in San Antonio, and what are the best days to do so? It is dependent on the items that are up for sale. The majority of estate sales take place from Thursday through Saturday.

It would be impossible for the shoppers to visit each and every residence because there are too many of them. If you don’t have particularly interesting goods to sell, the most effective marketing tactic would be to hold deals during days of the week when there are fewer sales.

In general, Sunday only has one-third to one-half as many sales as Saturday. In a typical week, there are 10–25 sales on Thursday and Friday. We like to conduct business on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday because those days typically have 0-2 sales.

We have begun holding sales either Sunday through Tuesday or Saturday through Monday of each week. The results of our first Monday Sale were significantly better than those of a typical Friday. If we were conducting a sale between Friday and Sunday, we would not have even considered managing this estate sale.

If the house is filled to the brim with wonderful stuff, we will hold a sale from Friday through Sunday. We are more flexible with the dates of estate sales than the other San Antonio estate sale companies.