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“I don’t understand why my family and me cannot be at the estate sale!!! We are paying you a lot of money and want to make sure everything is done right. Some article I read from an auction guy said it is a red flag, if you don’t want me there”.

There are plenty of good reasons that most estate sale companies do not want you there at the sale.

1. Hearing negative comments about some of the items. Some shoppers may not like the taste of the person whose property it was. It can hurt hearing it, especially on sentimental items.

2. Trying to get involved with the sale and hurting the revenue produced and the reputation of the estate sale company. There was one owner who fought with the customer for $3 and resulted in a loss sale of $597. Also, family members have been known just to take stuff during the sale that a customer was trying to buy.

3. Getting in way (family meeting in room) & in way of employees / customers. Family will sometimes have a meeting in a room and shoppers tend not to shopped those rooms.

4. Sorry about your loss can I have it cheaper. Yes, you will hear that from certain shoppers.

5. The estate sale company has enough to do on those days without having to deal with the family.

Hurt the sales and money made by company and the client. If family wants to be there, I will charge a lot higher % to make up for loss income / reputation of my company. This will affect San Antonio Estate Sales in future sales and besides most clients who are too involved will not be happy with final result and blamed the estate liquidation company.

Auction companies like to point out as a red flag that estate sale companies do not allow you. They also mentioned that in an estate sale prices cannot go up just down. In an auction, prices only go up. They forget to mention if you have an item listed for $100 and it sells at 50% off, you make $50. They could have the same auction item go up and only sell for $25. Occasionally, a real expensive piece is sold cheap, but that is rare.

One final word of advice about auctions. Business Owners who buy thru auctions seldom liquidate their assets thru an auction. They realize how cheap they paid for items. Auctions do have their place with high demand items. Many estate companies will use an auction to sell these items.

The Ins and Outs of Estate Sales

We accumulate a lot of stuff over a lifetime and at some point – perhaps due to death, divorce, debt, or downsizing – we need to get rid of it. An estate sale is one way to dispose of possessions that you no longer want or need.